The only staffing aggregator you

will ever need!

Magik Helper is the only staffing aggregator that allows you to request temporary staff on demand from multiple staffing companies. Giving you the temporary staff when you need them at the best price.

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Sign up and request for free-Only pay when we provide you with temporary staff.

You only have to pay when we provide you with the temporary staff you need. No annual fee, no service agreement.


Temporary Staff


-Low hourly rates

-More Reliable

$1 per worker aggregator cost

 + staffing hourly cost

* Why pay the aggregator cost-simply put we don't mark up the staffing companies cost and since we provide them so much business we have negotiated rates below what the typical employer can negotiate. Even with an aggregator cost you will not only save money but you will have access to a greater number or temporary staff all on demand through the use of our custom built technology.